Beware! Is Your Carpet Spreading Diseases?

Carpets are indeed one of the most needed and used things in the house. Every room in your home may have a carpet and what even more important is that how you take care of these house decorative items. Carpets may not look dirty but in the 20 years of experience of Carpet Cleaning Adelaide. We have gained a lot of insights into the right direction and recognizing the clean and unclean carpets.

Carpets are the carriers of a number of diseases and health issues which aggravate the situation if they are not properly cleaned by professionals after a certain period of time. The time period depends on the make and fabric of your carpet.

Here are some health risks that may disrupt your normal life when you choose to not clean the house carpets.

  • Respiratory Problems: Carpets are stuffed with allergens, bacteria, dust, mites, small particle contaminants and what not. Whenever you step onto the carpet these naked to the eye pollutants shoot up in the air and may travel inside the lungs through the nose. Once they settle on the lungs the danger increases and you will need the assistance of a doctor and the best Carpet Cleaning Adelaide only to ensure that this does not happen again. Excessive cough, breathing issues, the onslaught of Asthma are only a few health risks that you are putting yourself and your family into when neglecting a professional carpet cleaning service.
  • Allergic Reactions: Some people have sensitive skin and others have lower immunity levels. Both of these conditions are the favorites of the viruses and other pollutants living on your carpet. When they come in direct contact with the sensitive part of your skin or travel inside the body the result won’t be in your favor. Sometimes you may get red skin all of a sudden or wake up to a running nose. In this scenario, the first thing you need to do is check your carpets and get it cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning Adelaide service provider.
  • Skin Conditions: Do you know what is an athlete’s foot? Well, we hope that you never come across this condition. But if you do, make sure to use garlic or baking soda to help ease the pain and irritation. One of the major factors of developing athlete’s foot is the presence of mold and moisture in the carpets. So, the next time you see someone suffering from such an issue, then you will know where to look first and who to blame (the owner of course, not the carpet).
  • Mental Health: This may sound a bit uncanny, but according to the American Psychological Association, Stress is becoming a major reason for the incidence of various diseases in the people. And if we know one thing by the virtue of being the best carpet cleaners Adelaide, it is that living in a dirty house is a situation which is full of stress. Stress also accumulates over time when you have to take care of a loved one who is sick only due to an unclean carpet. So, it may not have a direct link, but indirectly dirty carpets always add to your troubles and this makes you full of stress.
  • Stomach Diaries: Ever heard of something called mycotoxins? Well, they are the result of the presence of mold in your carpets. Mold makes the carpet damp and this leads to a lot of possible infections and infestations of several kinds of organisms. So, if somehow the mycotoxins which are not very good for health travel to your stomach, be ready for some painful and uneasy bowel movements for a couple of days. But, you can avoid all that just by hiring a Carpet Cleaning Adelaide service provider and be safe again in the comfort of your house.

Carpet Cleaning companies such as Adelaide Professional Carpet Cleaning will only ensure that you live in the best and healthy conditions which ensure the good ecosystem of your house. Call Us Today on 0423 492 940 and know how we can help you keep everybody in a house safe, including your pets.

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