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Understanding the Alkaline Diet and Its Benefits

If you want to enhance your well-being and want to improve upon your overall health and not looking for diet shortcut an alkaline diet can be a good option for you. Although some people are under the misconception that having an alkaline diet is complicated it is actually not. On the contrary, it is easy to shift to an alkaline diet from a diet that contains excessive acid.

Benefit of Alkaline diet

By switching to alkaline diet you can experience some really quick and positive results. Some of the notable outcomes are;

  1. Better disease resistance
  2. Improved health
  3. Increased level of energy

Now that you are aware of the advantages of alkaline diet, you must be wondering how you can include this diet in your daily life. Here are some easy ways for you.

Alkaline water

Drinking water aplenty is always good for health and it would be even better if you drink alkaline water. You can prepare it right in your home by adding baking soda to water. 8 to 9 pH is what you should be looking for and to achieve that level you have to start with mixing half teaspoon baking soda with a gallon of water. You need to use a pH strip to test the level and you can add more baking soda to get the required pH level. There are other methods available as well. You can further make use of;

  1. Alkaline tablet
  2. Alkaline drop
  3. Jug filter
  4. Water ionizer

To make the water it tasty you can add a fresh lime before having a sip. You can also use this alkaline water to make green tea which is a popular alkaline beverage.

Eat veggies and salads

Since most of the vegetables are alkalising including them in your daily diet is a great way of having an alkaline diet. You can add salads made of green veggies like spinach, lettuce to your dinner and lunch items. You can further include fresh green peas, snow peas, green pepper strips and sliced cucumber to alkalinise your body.

Stay away from refined sugar

Refined or processed sugar increases acidic substances in the body. So you should look for sugars that are alkalising in nature such as stevia, maple sugar, raw sugar. But you shouldn’t go for artificial sweeteners in the likes of Sweet ‘N Low, NutraSweet, Equal as they are acidic in nature. If you start to avoid white sugar gradually you will give your taste bud a chance to get accustomed with the change of tastes.

Substitute acidifying foods with alkalizing ones

Foods like processed pasta and noodles are highly acidifying so you should drop them from your menu and include foods with whole grains like wild rice, quinoa and millet. You should also try and add foods that come with healthy fats such as canola oil, flax seed and olive. When it comes to protein, include foods like beans and fish and drop red meat from your menu.

If you follow these tips ardently you will start reaping rewards of having an alkaline diet in not time.

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