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Comparison of Various Diet Plans

“The best diet plan is the one that appeals to your taste buds.”

– Harvard School of Public Health Nutrition

Fast weight loss plans are probably the most talked about and the most ‘Googled’ topic on the internet. The high incidence of obesity and the rising consciousness to remain fit and healthy has invoked users to find effective ways to lose weight. However, with multitude choices of diet plans, it becomes a little difficult to ascertain the best of these diet plans.

The Different Diet Plans

Effective weight management involves the continuous follow-up of a plan. While fast weight loss plans emphasize on cutting down the calorie intake, the healthy diet food regime urges the individuals to understand the concepts of a weight loss diet plan.

Comparison between the Concepts

  • The Atkins Diet plan was based on the concept that high proteins should be consumed to maintain a ketotic state. It is a low carbohydrate diet.
  • The Sugar Buster Diet program reviews the principle that sugar being toxic should be avoided as insulin insensitivity causes weight gain. It focuses on consuming zero amount of sugar.
  • The Pritikin Diet food believes to avoid eating products that have high fat content as it raises the cholesterol and disturbs the carbohydrate metabolism.
  • Similarly, the Zone Diet program reviews that carbohydrates are a good source of energy and should be consumed more than fats or proteins. It is a high protein diet.

Efficacy of the Diet Plans

“Consume fewer calories than you burn”

– Harvard School of Public Health Nutrition

An analysis of the fast weight loss plans shows that each of the diet food mentioned above is based on a different concept. Weight management calls for taking up strategies to which men and women can adhere. An individual should choose a specific weight management plan as per his/her capability to adapt to a particular diet plan aiming at a balanced weight loss. A quality manual on diet program comes in handy to understand to identify the adequate weight loss plan.

Diet Plan

% Cal

% Cal (protein)

% Cal

Expected Weight loss (pounds)

Low fat, avg protein





Low fat, high protein





High fat, avg protein





High fat, high protein





Table: Every diet plan has its effects. The above table shows the constituents of different diet plans. Research on diet program reviews results of diet plans. Low fat – high protein diet is the best weight loss diet. (source: “The Best Diet is the One You’ll Follow”, The Nutrition Source, Havard School of Public Health)

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