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I’ve had problems with fatigue and an up-and-down energy level all my life. To discover the cause, I asked doctors, read books, and tried different diets. What I learned is that some questions just won’t be answered in my lifetime.
Fortunately, I also learned there are things we can do to alleviate tiredness. This is important to your weight loss goals, because fatigue will sabotage exercise plans. Even worse, it’s difficult to get motivated when you are tired, and will power is at a low when energy levels are. Here are some of energy boosters that have worked for me and others over the years. Sometimes it helps to use several at once.

  1. Move. Often just washing the dishes, or walking around the house will help disperse your fatigue. I find it easier to get out of bed if I just swing my arms around in the air and open and close my eyes a few times.
  2. Talk about something interesting. Talk about something you’re passionate about, and watch your energy level rise. This one really works well for those of us who like to talk.
  3. Breath deeply. Three deep breaths help oxygenate the blood supply better, and especially seems to wake up the brain. Some have better luck with a half-minute of fast breathing, but be careful of the dizziness this may cause.
  4. Drink coffee or tea. Caffeine makes some of us more tired when it’s abused, but short-term, it can work wonders. It seems to work best when used in moderation, so save it for when you really need it.
  5. Play energetic music. Different types affect people differently, but you can do this one by trial and error. Once you find the music that works for you, keep it ready.
  6. Take a hot and cold shower. A minute of hot water, then a minute of cold, alternating for six minutes. This isn’t for those with weak hearts, but it will wake you up. Incidentally, research shows that this also increases the activity of the immune system.
  7. Go outside. Sunshine and fresh air can be very energizing.
  8. Try energy drinks. The verdict isn’t in on most “energy drinks,” but it’s a cheap option to try. I seem to get something from the ones with Ginkgo Biloba in them.
  9. Get better sleep. Once you’re past five hours of sleep, the quality seems to be more important than the quantity. Try a darker room, chamomile tea before bed, or anything else that helps the quality of your sleep.
  10. Exercise. This isn’t a short-term solution, but many people notice an increase in their energy level when they get regular aerobic exercise.

If you do suffer from fatigue, you probably should try to find the causes. Meanwhile, why not try some of the energy-boosting methods here? They are all inexpensive, and you just might have more energy, starting today.

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