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You are unique, both in your personality and your body.That’s why diets fail when they aren’t right for you. Keep looking, though, and you’ll find a way to lose weight. It may be a plan that suits your unique personality and body, or the result of many small changes you make – or a combination of both.

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Do You Really Need To Lose Weight?

Why do you need to lose weight? Don’t buy into the myth that we all need to be thin. There is no rational basis for it. Write down the benefits you expect from losing weight. Are they worth the effort? Being clear about this is the best way to stay motivated.

A Dose Of Honesty

Just before writing this, I saw a report on the news about a review of existing obesity studies. It showed that, contrary to the consensus of health professionals, being a little overweight actually had no effect on longevity. You can be overweight and live a long, healthy life.

Overweight people are discriminated against terribly in this culture. Often, as when an employer chooses a thinner person over a heavier one, the prejudice is unconscious, but it’s very real. You’ll be more likely to succeed if you are thinner, yet overweight people still succeed in all areas of life, don’t they?

The point of bringing this up is to dispel some silly ideas and get real about weight loss. Will you get more dates if you lose weight? Probably, but how many do you need? You certainly can find friends and lovers right now. Look around you if you don’t believe there are many obese people in happy relationships.

There Is Nothing Wrong With You

There’s nothing wrong with you just because you’re overweight. Don’t accept the idea that heavy people have some special character flaw. A man who’s cruel to his wife has a flaw not visible to the public, so nobody thinks badly of him, yet isn’t that far worse than eating too much?

Our culture is obsessed with appearance, and the idea of willpower. A man can bite his nails his whole life (or drink or smoke or have a cold heart), and he’ll be accepted in polite society, weak willpower and all, because his weakness can be hidden. Gain a little weight, though, and people think “Look at that slob. Hmm…no willpower.” Don’t hate them for their ignorance, but don’t accept their silly ideas for a second!

Overweight is okay. So is losing weight, if you have decided that it is the right thing for you to do. I just don’t want to encourage anyone to lose weight for the wrong reasons. Okay, moving on…

The Benefits Of Weight Loss

Look at the list of possible benefits below. Which are important or relevant to your desires and goals? Write them down, but in more personal terms (ex: “I’ll have the energy to start that business,” or “I’ll be asked to dance at the club.”) Review your list regularly, so you are motivated, and for the right reasons. (No judgments here – If you really want to see men lusting after you, that’s your choice.)

You’ll have the energy to do what you want.
You’ll be healthier, and feel better.
You’ll be more attractive, and other’s will notice you.
You’ll feel like you are more in control of your life.
You’ll have more opportunities in life.
You’ll have higher self-esteem.
You’ll be happier about where you are in life.
You’ll get your diabetes under better control.
You’ll be able to buy regular clothes.
People will look at you differently.
You’ll like what you see when you look in the mirror.
People will be more accepting of you.
You’ll have less pain in your joints.

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